Updating and Re-Promoting Your Epic Content. 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge Day 23!

Updating and Re-Promoting Your Epic Content. 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge Day 23!As well as repurposing your content, one other task that you should add as a regular item on your content marketing schedule is to keep updating and re-promoting your epic content.

It’s really important to keep your epic content up-to-date as this is your cornerstone content that really shows off your knowledge. You don’t want to let it get so outdated that it gives your audience a poor experience.

Depending on your niche and how you’ve put together your epic content, updates may need doing every quarter or you might not need to do them more than once a year or so.

And here’s the other point about updating your epic content, every single time you do that is a great time to re-promote it!

What to Think About When Updating and Re-Promoting Your Epic Content


What’s true about SEO now may not be true tomorrow. As search engines keep changing their algorithms to create the best user experience, you may need to update your old SEO on your epic content.

Keep your eye on the latest SEO updates. You don’t need to drop everything and do your changes this minute, but the best time to do them is as soon as you can.

Also, have you learned about more effective keywords since you published your epic content? If so, read through your content to figure out where you can add in the keywords that you want. Perhaps you can also improve subheadings with better keywords that get more attention.


As technology becomes more advanced, it’s easier than ever to create amazing images for your content.

Go through your epic content regularly and update it with brand new, optimised images to attract attention.

You may also have created new eye-catching charts, graphs or infographics that better illustrate the points you’ve made in your epic content, so definitely update those too.

Affiliate Links

Over time you’re likely going to find better products or services than ones you’ve recommended in the past. Or perhaps some companies have changed names or gone out of business.

Edit your epic content to include your new affiliate links and not only could you improve your article, but you could also boost your affiliate income.

Popular References

If you’ve referred to a popular actor or the latest TV show in your epic content, time may have moved on and you might find those references aren’t as effective. Try and keep your epic content evergreen if you can, but if you do use popular references, keep checking back to see if they need updating.


All long-form content, including your epic content, can be broken down and repurposed, but always link back to your epic content, so you can show where you got the information from.

Re-promoting Your Epic Content

Optimise for Sharing

Go through your epic content and see if you can find new ways to add social sharing opportunities. Pull quotes from your content and add a plugin like Better Click to Tweet, so that your audience can easily tweet them.

You could also pick out great quotes and add them to great background images on Canva for easy sharing.

Schedule Re-promotion

When you re-promote your content, it will boost your views and help increase your conversions, which is great news. But it will only do that if you actually remember to re-promote. So schedule your re-promotion from the start, right on your content marketing planner.


You can re-promote your epic content via email too. Set up an email in your autoresponder to regularly reintroduce your audience to the epic content you’ve created.

You could also use something like MeetEdgar, which reposts your updates over and over again on social media.

Both methods are great ways to get people back to your website.

Updating and promoting your epic content is a great way to get the most out of all your long form content.

Once you create epic content it can be shared the day it’s published but it can also be shared for years down the line if you take the time to keep it updated, unique, and useful to your audience.

Action Point!

Well, today’s action point has practically written itself above, hasn’t it? Go look at your epic content, update it and re-promote it. And while you’re there, revisit your content marketing planner and add in a schedule to keep updating and re-promoting your epic content.

Anything not clear? Want to share how you’re doing? Leave me a comment below.

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Day 23 is finished and we’re into the last week of the challenge! Tomorrow, we’re looking at promoting your content.

Don’t want to wait? Prefer to get all of the 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge posts in one place, so you can work through at your own pace? Here’s a link to all of the challenge lessons: https://creativeblueberry.com/30-day-content-marketing-challenge-catch-up/

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