Repurposing Your Content In Multiple Formats. 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge Day 22!

Repurposing Your Content in Multiple Formats. 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge Day 22!If you already have a lot of content, then you’ve done a lot of work that can be used more than once, just by repurposing your content.

There is no reason to do all that research, work hard on an article, and then not use it again. Likewise, if you have Private Label Rights (PLR) content, you can definitely use that more than once, too.

Don’t worry if you’re just starting out with your content creation. You’re actually in a great position, because you can plan to repurpose your content right from the beginning!

Let’s look at some of the ways you can repurpose your content:


If you host a webinar,  it’s easy to get it transcribed and your transcription can then be used to create a variety of other types of content. You can take the transcript and turn it into an eBook, a white paper, blog posts, a course, or a case study.

If your webinar doesn’t need visuals to still make sense, you can turn your webinar into a podcast too.  You can even repurpose the webinar as it is, by putting it on YouTube, or set it up to replay automatically at different times for people in different time zones.


If you created a slideshow for your webinar, you can upload it to sharing sites like Slideshare.

You can also use the slides as the basis for a book, blog, or article outline. Anything you create about a topic can be used again and again.


Be sure to read the rules for your image purchases and downloads but most of the time you can use an image more than once.

You can turn images that are inside a report into a meme by adding text overlay, using an online software like Canva. Or, if you create a meme first, you can use it inside a report or a slideshow.

Need to know where to find free images for your site? Take a look at my post on free image sites to bling up your blog!


Once you create an infographic you have lots of data that you can use for blog post ideas.

Each point on your infographic can be a separate blog post or article. Combined it can become a book or a course. You can also use the infographic as the basis for a webinar or YouTube video.


Anytime you write an article, or buy PLR content, you have a great opportunity to recreate it differently.

If you have an article with 8 points, that can become a slide show. It can also become 8 blog posts, 8 emails, or 8 videos covering each point in more detail.

Blog Posts

Your blog posts are all fodder for extra content. A blog post can easily become an email, or combine a lot of posts and they can become an eBook. Any blog post can be the basis of a YouTube video or a webinar.


It might seem difficult to do anything with a podcast but it’s definitely possible. Have your podcast transcribed, cleaned up and expanded and you’ll have plenty of material for blog posts, case studies, and all sorts of written content. You could even add slides and turn it into a video.

Facebook Live

Once you do a FB live you can download it and put it on YouTube. You can also have it transcribed to use as any sort of written content.

Live Events

If you run a live event, get permission to video and record everyone there, and then you can use that video in your membership site or as part of a course. You can post it on YouTube, and you can also sell the recordings to the attendees or those who couldn’t attend the live event.

And as with any other type of video, you can transcribe it and use it again as written content.

If you’ve not been repurposing your content yet, start with your most popular content to date and repurpose it in some way. You can find out which content is the most effective via your analytics.

If you don’t have analytics on your website or blog yet, take a look at Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics, and get it set up, so that you know what’s working best for your audience.

For rapid transcriptions of your audio and video files, try Rev.

If you give some thought to how you’ll use every piece of content that you create, including how you’ll repurpose it, you’ll find that creating enough content for your audience is so much simpler than you thought.

Action Point!

Well, that ought to expand your content collection considerably!

For those who already have a lot of content, it’s time to go through it and see how you can repurpose it, and for those who don’t, start planning now how you’re going to write your content and then repurpose it.

Drop me a comment if you need any help with repurposing your content!

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Day 22 is all done, and tomorrow, we’re talking about updating and re-promoting your epic content.

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