An Explanation Of Different Content Formats. 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge Day 12!

An Explanation Of Different Content Formats. 30 Day Content Marketing Challenge Day 12The great thing about creating content is that when you create one thing it can be repurposed into many other content formats.

One piece of content can be turned into at least three other content formats and that helps you do less work.

Read on for an explanation of the different content formats, so you can see how you might create content and then repurpose it.

Text Content

Anything that you type out is text content that people enjoy by reading it. Obvious, right? You might create a blog post, an article, a white paper, a course, an eBook and so on.

This type of content can be repurposed into many other formats of content mentioned in this article.

Illustrations, Graphics & Images

Many people are very visual and respond more to colourful images that grab their attention.

Do think about what sort of images you might use, though. Any images you include should add to and enhance your content for better understanding. Great images break up your content and can also be used on social media as the main content format.


If you have a big data-driven post it’s ideal to create an infographic.

Infographics are also very visual and a great way to expose your audience to a lot of data and statistics in a more palatable and easily digestible way than with a long blog post or eBook.


Today, using video online as part of your content marketing efforts is practically a necessity.

You have YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope and other video platforms that want your content and even better if those are places where your audience hangs out.

What’s more, video can be transcribed and turned into even more forms of content.


Even though video is popular, so are podcasts. Podcasts are audio only and are essential content that can travel with your audience regardless of what they’re doing. They can listen on a job, in the car, and even in bed before falling asleep.

All your content can be turned into audio with just a few tweaks, and audio can easily be changed into text content via transcription.

Charts, Graphs & Diagrams

Whenever you can put something into a chart, graph or diagram you can help your audience understand an idea even more.

Helping your audience develop more understanding of your topic is always a good thing. Plus, charts, graphs, and diagrams look great within your content online, and help to break up and avoid walls of text that are so difficult to read.


If you write an action-oriented post, why not include a downloadable checklist with it? That way your audience can get something usable from the post that they can easily follow and you get more content for your site that helps encourage signing up for your list.

Interactive Content

Including quizzes, apps, and gamification on your site is easier than ever due to the different types of software you can buy.

People love taking an interesting test that will give them information about themselves. Think about all the tests you’ve taken on Facebook, and how much the good ones get shared. Your site visitors will love them.


If you don’t know, a GIF, pronounced with a hard ‘G’, is a short video clip that is on a loop. This is a wonderful content format when you want to explain something to your audience that they need to do. For example, you might want to include a GIF on your site where you need to get across how to perform a task that is hard to explain with words.

While it can be tempting to stick with only one content format, especially if you’re really good at writing, for example, it is best to mix it up. People don’t all learn in the same way: Some people prefer to read, some would rather watch a demo video, and yet others would rather listen to learn. The more different content formats you use, the wider your audience will be and the more people you’ll attract.

Action Point!

Look back at your content marketing plan and check out your existing content to see if you could recreate it in another format. If you don’t have existing content yet, look at your content schedule and plan ahead with how you can reuse the content you’ve already planned in.

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Day 12 is all done, and next, we’re looking at why you should write epic content!

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