Creating a Marketing and Promotion Schedule For Each Post. 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge Day 10!

Creating a content schedule for each post. 30 Day Content Marketing Challenge Day 10!The best way to get the word out about the content you create is to promote it.

When you create a content schedule for each post it’ll be a lot easier to make sure you get your marketing and promotion done.

What’s Acceptable for the Platform?

Each platform has a different ‘personality’. Twitter is definitely different from LinkedIn, for example, so if you want to promote to people, it’s important to get to know each platform and learn what’s considered acceptable. Most platforms do offer some advice on this to help you make it work.

Is There a Preferred Time of Day?

You’ll find analytics in each platform where you see which time of day is best for shares. However, it’s also important to know your own audience and get familiar with when they prefer to view content.

How Long Will the Content be Relevant?

Are you promoting an event? If so you may only have four to six weeks to share your information, in which case you’ll want to share more often. But if it’s evergreen content that’ll still be relevant years down the line, you may not want to bombard your audience with the information.

For each post, develop your content schedule from there.

Let’s use Twitter as an example. On Twitter, you can share more often than you can on other networks. You can also tag people, and pay to promote your Tweets.

  • First Publishing – You will automatically want to share your new content on Twitter the day it goes live. When you’ve done that, pull 5 to 10 quotes, stats, or points from your content for later.
  • Same Day – Later in the day, share your new blog post a few times, up to three times that day, using different quotes from the content. So, the first time it’s okay to say, “New post about xyz” but the following times you share it, make it look interesting by pulling a fact out of the content, for example: “Did you know that sharing your content more than once can double your conversion rate?” or “Want to double your conversion rate, this is how.”
  • Second Day – Slow it down a bit today, but use the rest of the facts and quotes you’ve pulled out and share it some more. Also, consider tagging experts mentioned in your content so that they and their audience will see it. You might even get some shares!
  • How Many Days? – You can continue promoting your content every day as long as it’s relevant. Promote more if it’s time dependent information, and do it less often if it’s evergreen content.
  • What’s Next? – Depending on the timeliness of your content, you can keep sharing it for a month or even more. If it’s got a time limit share it daily until the date of the event. And if it’s evergreen you can share it weekly forever.

Once you’ve worked out a content schedule for your marketing and promotions, you can use software like CoSchedule, Buffer, MeetEdgar or Hootsuite to schedule everything out in advance. This will save you a whole lot of time and will make your content marketing and promotion so much more effective.

Action Point!

Today, have a look at the platforms your audience hangs out on and look at their recommendations for when it’s best to post, then think about your audience’s preferences and start planning out how best to share your content!

Want some help or want to share where you’re up to? Drop me a comment below!

Day 10 is  is all done. We’re officially a third of the way there! And tomorrow, we’re finally ready to pull everything you’ve learned into a kick ass content marketing plan!

Don’t want to wait? Prefer to get all of the 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge posts in one place, so you can work through at your own pace? Here’s a link to all of the challenge lessons:

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