Use Content Upgrades to Build Your List. 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge Day 27!

Use Content Upgrades to Build Your List. 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge Day 27!Content upgrades are a great way to build your list. What’s wonderful about content upgrades is that creating them doesn’t have to take too much work.

While you’ll have a main lead magnet on your site for people to sign up to your newsletter, content upgrades are a little different.

They’re still lead magnets, but a content upgrade is more like a related bonus on an individual post. It’s like an upgrade to the blog post you’ve already written that your audience has to sign up to get.

Here’s an example:

If you’ve written a post about creating an editorial calendar, you could create an editorial calendar spreadsheet to download.

You can create your own, use PLR, or use content you already had on your site repurposed as your content upgrade.

How to Decide Where to Put Your Content Upgrades

The best way to choose where your content upgrades should go is to find your popular posts, using your analytics. Look at the data to find out which content is performing well and then start adding upgrades to that content.

Make a list of these posts and either match them with a resource you already have or create something new that will make each piece of content more meaningful and useful.

Then add a sign up box in a couple of places in your post with a description of the benefits of your content upgrade. Create a download page for your new content upgrade, and you’re done.

Going forward, plan content upgrades for each piece you publish.

Note: It’s perfectly fine to use the same content upgrade more than once if it’s relevant on more than one post.

You can use landing page software, like Leadpages, your email autoresponder alone, or both together to handle delivery of the content upgrade.

Update the Content

Now that you’ve picked which content you’re going add a content upgrade to, check and update the content. If anything is out of date just edit the content, add new pictures, and improve the SEO. Once you’re done, this is a perfect time to re-share your newly updated content again.

Make it Stand Out

Make it very clear that you’re offering a content upgrade:

Put a box around it, change the colour, add an image – whatever you can do to make it stand out so that people will click on it.

When they click, the form should pop up, allow them to fill it out and close, so they can go back to reading without having to go to a few other pages.

The more content upgrades you have, the more opportunities your audience has to sign up, and the faster you’ll build your list.

Building your list is really important, but you get the results by following up. Ensure that you have a good follow-up series in your autoresponder, based on the content upgrade that people download.

Action Point!

Time to look at your popular content and see what content upgrades you can add to build your list! Then it’s back to the content marketing plan to add content upgrade creation alongside each post.

Almost there! Only 3 more days to go now. How are you doing? Let me know below.

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Day 27 is done, and tomorrow, we’re moving on to working key content pieces into your email marketing.

Don’t want to wait? Prefer to get all of the 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge posts in one place, so you can work through at your own pace? Here’s a link to all of the challenge lessons:

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