Get Your Audience to Help With Content Creation. 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge Day 17!

Get Your Audience to Help With Content Creation. 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge Day 17!If you’re not getting your audience to help you create your content, you’re missing out on a whole lot of possibilities.

A huge part of your content marketing plan goes into making sure you’re aiming your content right at your audience and giving them exactly what they want and need, so taking the chance to get them involved in creating your content is a no brainer!

How can you do that? Read on:

Blog Post Comments

Open your blog to comments and ask for them! When people make comments, not only does it add to your SEO efforts on your blog, but the comments can also give you ideas for everything from new blogs posts to new products and services.

Facebook Comments

Anytime you post anything on Facebook, you’re almost always going to get a comment or a like if you ask, and those comments are also possibilities for finding new ideas. You can also try going into Facebook groups to see what people are asking and saying, and you can use that information for content creation.

Surveys & Polls

Create plenty of surveys, polls, and interactive content and your audience will start creating some of the content for you. Allow comments on the surveys and polls as well as sharing of them.

Questions & Answers

You can do this on many social platforms, as well as on your blog. Ask questions and ask people to answer in comments. When you get comments within your own groups, and on your own website it naturally adds content, but you can also take the information and create new content from it.

Interviews & Case Studies

Ask your audience to fill out a form to be interviewed or to provide case studies. You can then host a webinar or Facebook Live event where you will interview people, providing excellent content to your audience, by your audience.


Even if you don’t have a forum on your website, you can use Facebook or Twitter chats to have a discussion. Use a plugin that links to Facebook so that discussions on your blog can be taken over to Facebook and continued right on your blog.


Host a contest and you can end up with blogs, videos, social media shares, social media posts and more. Contests that give away a prize can also generate a lot of buzz which will, in turn, encourage more content creation. But do make sure you cover yourself legally, with the correct terms and conditions for the type of contest you are running.

Photo Sharing

Ask your audience to share photos that have something to do with your business. For example, if you’ve written a book, you could ask your audience to share a picture of themselves reading your book.

Video Testimonials

Written testimonials are great, but video is better. If you have a live event, ask your audience for testimonials immediately at the event. You can use your phone to capture the testimonials and if you do it right away, more people will happily do it.


Tie your work to a charity and ask for your audience to work with you on the charity. Imagine if a group of your audience members were wearing your T-shirt at the next Relay for Life event or Jump for Heart campaign and how much social media sharing this could produce. Plus, a charity you care about gets extra coverage, too!

Creating user-generated or audience-generated content is a simple way to take what happens naturally when you build a community and turn it into content your entire audience can enjoy. It’s the best way to create content that your audience will love and look forward to receiving.

Action Point!

Think about your audience, the type of content and topics they enjoy, and then work on how you can get them to join in and help you produce great content.

Struggling along or going great guns? Drop me a comment below and let me know how you’re doing!

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That’s it for Day 17. Tomorrow, we’re getting onto how you can create content that sells your products.

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