30-Day Content Marketing Challenge Full Catch Up!

30-Day Content Marketing Challenge Full Catch UpMissed the free 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge? Here’s your chance to catch up with all the content marketing goodness and work your way from your content marketing plan right through to monetising your content and building your email list:

Day 1: What is Content Marketing?

We start with an introduction to the challenge, and talk about what content marketing is, different types of content and where to post.

Day 2: Content is King

Find out what exactly content marketing can do to build your business, get leads, and establish your expertise.

Day 3: Why You Need a Content Marketing Plan

Get organised and think about creating your content marketing plan.

Day 4: Who is Your Target Market?

Start your content marketing plan by working out who your target market is.

Day 5: Where is Your Target Market?

Now you know who they are, learn to find your target market and post proactively where they hang out.

Day 6: Your Content Needs a Purpose

What do you want your content to do for your business? Why do you need a purpose for your content instead of just posting without a plan?

Day 7: What’s Your Goal For Each Piece of Content?

You might want your content to attract leads, build engagement and brand awareness, make sales, or a host of other things that will boost your business. Find out how to do that here.

Day 8: Where to Post Your Content

Learn about On Page and Off Page SEO, when you might want to post content on your site and when you might want to post on third party sites. Take a look at the right way to syndicate content.

Day 9: How to Come Up With a Content Schedule

Follow all the steps to come up with your own, effective content schedule.

Day 10: Creating a Marketing and Promotion Schedule For Each Post

Make life easy on yourself with a promo schedule for each post to ensure you don’t forget to share.

Day 11: Pulling Together Your Content Marketing Plan

Everything you need to consider to create not just your content marketing plan, but a full content marketing schedule.

Day 12: An Explanation Of Different Content Formats

Learn about the different content formats so you can see how you might repurpose what you’ve got to create even more content!

Day 13: Why You Should Create Epic Content

Why you should write epic content, and how to get it right.

Day 14: Creative Ways To Come Up With Content Ideas

One of the hardest things to do consistently over time is to keep coming up with content ideas, and to keep blogging. Read on for a variety of different ways that you can find fresh content ideas for your audience.

Day 15: Easy Content Creation With Serial Posts

Serial posts can be a great way to boost your SEO with internal linking, and they make it easy to fill in your content schedule, as you already know what you’re writing for each part.

Day 16: Using PLR For Quick and Easy Content Creation

How you can use prewritten content or PLR (Private Label Rights) to quickly and easily update your blog or create new products.

Day 17: Get Your Audience to Help With Content Creation

Learn how you can get your audience to tell you what sort of content they want you to create.

Day 18: Crafting Content That Sells Your Products

One of the most important jobs content marketing does is selling! Here’s how you do that with your content.

Day 19: Creating Content Around Keywords and Key Phrases

Boost your SEO results, grow your audience and get your content found by incorporating keywords and key phrases into your content.

Day 20: Attention Grabbing Headlines for Your Content

With so much competition out there to grab attention, you need a really strong headline to get your content read. Learn how to put together a compelling headline.

Day 21: How to Write a Great Call to Action (CTA)

Just like with writing a great headline, knowing how to put together an effective call to action can make all the difference in getting your audience to take action, whether that’s to sign up to your newsletter or to buy.

Day 22: Repurposing Your Content In Multiple Formats

Content creation can be much easier than you think if you take the time to repurpose the content you already have and create even more great content from it. Change webinars into podcasts, courses and ebooks, or written text into videos, podcasts and other written content.

Day 23: Updating and Re-Promoting Your Epic Content

Even your evergreen, epic cornerstone content needs updating every now and again. Learn why and what changes you might need to make to give it a new lease of life.

Day 24: How to Promote Your Content

From Facebook Ads to syndicating your content – ways to promote all that hard work.

Day 25: Share Your Content More Than Once

Why you should share your content more than once, create a schedule, and how best to reshare for success.

Day 26: Basics of a Content Marketing Funnel

How a content marketing funnel works and how to create your own.

Day 27: Use Content Upgrades to Build Your List

How to decide where to put your content upgrades, upgrade your old posts and make your upgrade stand out on the page.

Day 28: Working Key Content Pieces into Your Email Marketing

How to share your key content pieces in your email marketing and what to say.

Day 29: 3 Ways to Monetise Old Content

Optimising your old content and then finding different ways to monetise it and add to your bottom line.

Day 30: Wrap Up and Going Forward

An overview of how far we’ve come in the 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge, and how to go forward to keep up with consistent regular posting and get great results.

Wow. That’s a whole lot we’ve achieved in only 30 days, isn’t it? Did you make it through the whole challenge?

If you did, you’ll know that there’s a whole lot involved in content marketing. And while it’s a lot of work to do content marketing well, the results are absolutely worth it to grow both your audience and your bottom line for far less than you’d spend with any other type of marketing:

“Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.” – Demand Metric

“Content marketing rakes in conversion rates six times higher than other methods” – ABG Essentials

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