3 Ways to Monetise Old Content. 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge Day 29!

3 Ways to Monetise Old Content. 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge Day 29! - monetise your contentMany people don’t realise that every bit of their content is useful, even long after it was created. Old content that’s still popular is prime for repurposing and for monetising.

Let’s look at three ways to monetise your content but, first, let’s talk about how to optimise your old content:

Before you think about how to monetise your content, use your analytics to find old posts that still get traffic, or used to get a lot of traffic in the past.

Then, update the posts to fully optimise them using the right keywords, headings, subheadings, and calls to action.

And once your old content is fully updated and optimised, you can add in these ideas to monetise it:

Ask for Donations

For some of you this might feel uncomfortable, but you can sign up for different services that allow your readers to leave a tip or donate to support your efforts.

Try Ko-fi, Buy Me a Coffee or add a PayPal donate button to your site.

There is nothing wrong with asking for donations. You are offering a great benefit to your audience due to your expertise. The people who love you want to support you.

You could also do this via a paywall, making some of your content only available to people who pay for the privilege.

Patreon is also an option, where fans and followers can pay you a subscription for bonus content, early access and behind the scenes glimpses. Check out the short video below:

Promote a Product

You can promote your own products or products that you’re an affiliate for, as long as they’re related to the content you have and relevant to your audience. Add in a call to action, drop in the link, and let your sales page do its work.

Another way to promote products of either type is to offer a content upgrade to build your email list, and then you can promote your products to your list.

Offer a Service

Even if you don’t want to provide your own services or offer coaching, you can outsource this or use an affiliate link for this too.

Even with all the directions and instructions you could possibly provide, you’ll still have audience members who just don’t want to do things themselves. They might be time poor, it might not be their particular skill, or perhaps they want to focus on other things.

Whatever their reason, if you have the ability to offer a Done for You version of coaching or other paid services, some of your audience will take you up on it.

Again, create a sales page for your service, add a call to action into your old content, along with a link to your sales page, and you’re done!

Monetising your older posts can be a great way to boost your income, with more options and chances for your audience to buy. And you should make it part of your content marketing plan to add in a way to monetise every piece of content you create.

Go through your analytics to find content that is still getting visitors but isn’t converting, and make sure there is a way for it to convert by adding a call to action of some kind.

You’ll boost your income dramatically if you ensure that you put some form of CTA on every page of your website and in every communication you send to your audience.

Action Point!

I think you know what I’m going to say: It’s time to go through your analytics to find your most popular posts, give them a polish to optimise them, and add in a way to monetise your content.

It might take a little time to do this, but your bottom line will thank you.

Need any help with that? Want to share an idea? Comment away below.

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All done for Day 29. Join me tomorrow for the final day of the 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge where we wrap up and look at how you can go forward from here.

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