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How to use content to build a following

One of my favourite entrepreneurs to follow is Daniel DiPiazza. He’s full of personality, and really knowledgeable about building a business and what works. Here’s his video, ‘Why you NEED a platform to build a your career in 2017 | How to use content to build a following’: Want to follow Daniel on YouTube? Check […]

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Why you shouldn’t write your blog like you’re writing a press release

Press releases are great. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking them. And they do have a very clear purpose in terms of getting media attention. But if you look at the guidelines for the way they’re written, they’re not designed to talk directly to your readers. “If your release contains hype, slang, excessive exclamation […]

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Shiny new blog!

Hello World! That’s how you’re supposed to start these things, isn’t it? After writing literally hundreds of blog posts for other people, I decided it was about time I started my own. I thought I’d start by telling you a little about my experience, and what I have in mind for the blog. I started […]

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