High quality, Marmite content writing is what turns strangers into warm leads

What is Marmite content writing, you might be wondering? Your readers either love it or they hate it. There’s no in between.

But isn’t that risky? Won’t you lose readers? Yes, you will. Definitely. And that’s a fantastic thing. Because the people who stick around will be the people who love what you do, and who you are.

You don’t want a blog full of readers who think you’re okay-ish. You want a blog full of fans who think you’re utterly fantabulous!

And you want all those heart sink clients who really don’t get you, and never will, to go bother someone else, so you get to work with those ideal clients that make you do the happy dance.

Better to be Marmite than meh. Don’t you think?

I don’t write stuffy, po-faced copy that sends your readers to sleep.

I write content that’s chatty, personable,  and often humorous. My copy talks directly to your readers  and connects with them; rather than addressing them like some sort of weird, personality-less flat pack furniture manual, that was written by someone whose first language isn’t English.

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Content writing from Gill Fernley at Creative BlueberryMy name’s Gill Fernley

I started out in admin and call centre hell, ran networking events, and then spent 7 years in technical writing and documentation management, before starting my own freelance content writing business.

But the crowning glory of my career so far was a stint working in a hospital sperm bank, which was both hilarious and incredibly moving at the same time. Yes, there probably is a book in that.

I’m a freelance content writer, experienced in marketing, WordPress, blogging and branding. I write unstuffy, friendly copy that makes you sound like you, not like a ‘me too’ snoozefest.

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What people are saying about my work:

“Work produced exactly as per the brief and to an excellent standard as always. Many thanks.” – Helen Potter, Web Elegance

“Brilliant work, easy communications and turn over.” – Noelia Cabezas, LivingRoom128 Marketing

“Regardless of the topic, tone of voice or brief, Gill will always return something fantastic. From coolant gels to commercial recruitment, the content provided has always been second to none, and I will never hesitate to reach out to Gill when I am in need of outstanding copywriting.” – Alexandra Bryan, Fotofire Marketing

“We couldn’t be more happy with the work provided by Gill! We definitely recommend her!” – Clint Mahmalgi, nForto Web Solutions

“Thank you again Gill, you understand my requirements so well, deliver the copy on time and without need for changes – it all makes my life that bit easier. Thank you!” – Jonathan Goulstine, Ensign Advanced Systems

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